Tolu’ Akinyemi’s speech at the e-Launch event of “Inferno Of Silence” and “A Booktiful Love”

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, the speakers, the hosts of tonight’s event, Family and friends, and my second family- the literary community.

Good evening everyone!
I’m super delighted on the auspicious occasion of the launch of my new books “Inferno of Silence” and “A Booktiful Love” today. This is a record-breaking moment for me on so many fronts. I’m grateful for the courage and conviction to tell these stories that shows vulnerability and the mental fortitude that we need to overcome our challenges in all facets of life.

Writing a book is not easy. I’m sure my writer friends can allude to that. But writing stories and poems that challenges the status quo and institutions to do it better comes at an even greater risk.

The journey from Dead Lions Don’t Roar my first collection of poems to Unravel your Hidden Gems (A collection of Inspirational and Motivational Essays) to the sequel in “Dead Dogs Don’t Bark” and “Dead Cats Don’t Meow” to “Never Play Games with the Devil”. And my latest release “A Booktiful Love” and “Inferno of Silence” has been filled with so many life lessons.

The titles in themselves tell a story much more than I can communicate in words. As I try to navigate and cement my place as a literary icon, I remain humble in the realisation that I am what I am by the grace of God.

I do not know what the future holds as I can only cling to the apron of the one who holds and knows the future. I hope that this will be the start of a new phase in my booktiful author story which will continue to gather momentum and these books will be read the world over. Thanks for taking the time to read this speech. Thank you for being part of my success story. I love you all.

‘A Booktiful Love’ is available via: and ‘Inferno of Silence’ is available via:

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