Four Poems | Tolu’ A. Akinyemi

Structures of Criminality

We are breaking the structures of criminality

one brick at a time.

We are obidient to deconstructing 

the brigandage that is our eternal reality.

We are dismantling the status quo 

that has made us a laughing stock.

We are crushing the weakness

of previous generations

who swallowed the slime and rotten eggs

their oppressors fed them.

The Obidient Movement is a movement in Nigeria supporting political change through the ballot box.

On Your Mandate We Shall Stand, Baller

We are standing on a mandate with no legs;

a mandate tethered to life support.

This mandate is another date with hell.

We are standing on a mandate

of renewed suffering;

a mandate past its sell by-date.

The last eight years is a tell-tale sign.

We are standing on a mandate of false hope;

a mandate built on familiar tropes.

This mandate is another grand date

with inexplicable woes.

We are standing on your mandate, Baller— 

on your mandate 

that’s likely to translate 

into the end— 

         the end of us.

Baller is a synonym for a desperate politician who wants power at all costs.

Crime Rate

The crime rate in Northamptonshire

boggles my mind;

ties me up in the depths

of worry.

The burglary rate in Northamptonshire leaves

a burgeoning gap.

Evil spreads its wings and 

crime spreads its tentacles at breakneck speed.

The crime rate in Northamptonshire has turned my heart

into a nest of fear,

laying eggs that crack my nerves

and leaves me on the edge.


This is a tug of war.

The integrity test is at crossroads

for the umpteenth time.

Our remediation programs are casualties

of the laxities bug. Captives of worldly desires.

Slaves of the mundane.

Conflicted by life’s choices that leave us 


in a cycle of continual pursuits.

KYC remediation means the process of organizing information, finding inconsistencies in the data, and determining the appropriate next steps. Firms can only begin the data remediation process after the initial information-gathering phase.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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