Two Poems | Tolu’ A. Akinyemi


Charred bodies lie in the minefields of their ruinous exit.

We are nested in this web of flaming fire.

These deaths echo abomination and


Charred bodies are immersed in convoluted oil

of corruption.
Label these tombstones ‘greed’

and ‘sleaze.’

Charred bodies are bunkering oil truncated

by untimely death.

This fury of hell on earth is a disaster plane

that spreads a flood of sorrow.


Evil winds sail and fail

As treacherous fury buries
our young.

We have become captives in our land,
And a malicious reign rains sheer terror.

Steer clear of these rampaging floods

whose vengeance crushes more than a venomous


Photo by James Fitzgerald on Unsplash

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