Winner (Poetry Category)—Best Indie Book Award 2020

December 2020 had a certain feel-good vibe about it. First, I won an ‘Oscars award’ at my work-place for outstanding delivery which I wrote about here.

Then came the charmazing news to cap off what has been a booktiful year in my writing Journey. My poetry collection ‘A Booktiful Love’ won the poetry category of the ‘Best Indie Book Awards 2020’ which was delightsome news.

A Booktiful Love.

Realistic Poetry International reviewed the collection here.

See review quotes below:

“A Booktiful Love” has the potential to swiftly become a warm and timeless classic. We highly recommend this treasure and do believe it to be a treat for multiple audiences. – Realistic Poetry International.

You can buy ‘A Booktiful Love’ on or on Amazon

Winning both awards was not a poetcidence at all. It’s taken months of diligence and putting in the shift, going over and above in the workplace, putting in extra-hours to ensure I achieved my set objectives. And staying up late at night and in the early mornings to write, not just writing, but penning outstanding works.

Check out some tips I gave in the video below on how to secure your Writing/Author legacy.

In the year 2020, I completed four books, my award-winning poetry collection, ‘A Booktiful Love’. My collection of short stories which was published to wide acclaim ‘Inferno of Silence’ and my January 2021 releases ‘Never Marry A Writer’ and ‘Black ≠ Inferior’ which I wrote in 2020.

This first award comes as a just reward for all the years of dedication and hard work. I remember a book reviewer reviewed my collection of short stories earlier in the year and referred to me as an award-winning author. That was a sign, a prophecy that an award-win was coming my way, so I didn’t bother to inform her that was wrong because I knew that was going to be my reality very soon.

I never used to fancy submitting my books for awards consideration in the past as I have only tried on a couple of occasions however this year, my publishing imprint had a budgetary allocation for awards submissions.

Fast-forward to December 2020, if you refer to me as an award-winning author or the award-winning author of nine books, that would be a great way to cap off what has been a tremendous year for me.

I still feel the same way right now as I felt when I received the notification email that I won the Poetry category of the ‘Best Indie Book Award’. The Award Plaque will be in booktiful company, standing gallant on my bookshelf.

Cheers to many more booktiful wins!

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