Dead Cats Don’t Meow—A Modern Masterpiece. – Jessica B.

Dead Cats Don’t Meow is the third book of poetry from Tolu’ A. Akinyemi.

Issued hot on the heels of Dead Lions Don’t Roar and Dead Dogs Don’t Bark, this latest collection of poetry urges its reader not to waste their ninth life.

If you like poetry already, you will love this collection. From My Story which tells of Tolu’s own challenges, through verses that humble, talking about things we often take for granted in life your emotions move in tune with the writing. I have to say ‘Hungry’ really hit a chord.

The author’s respect for his family and particular his wife and women folk comes through his writing.  It makes me wish I was revered in this way, especially in August 14th, a poem about her birthday! How lovely.

What really touches me about this collection is that every single poem is dedicated to someone in Tolu’s life, at the end of each one. It is clearly very personal writing, where inspiration has been taken from the real world around him, but it is no way self indulgent.

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There is also a very proud theme of culture and ethnicity, uplifting and motivational in tone.

Finally, to the namesake of the book, Dead Cats Don’t Meow. It truly is a modern masterpiece. It made me want to chase my dreams, think about who I wanted to be, what I really want to do. Not waste my life. Inspiring writing and really worth the cost of the book.

In conclusion I wholly recommend this little gem, and it is clear why Tolu A Akinyemi is becoming so well thought of in writing circles.

A creative thinker and an author extraordinaire, Tolu A. Akinyemi shares his gift of writing with people far and wide, mentoring, hosting workshops, performing at events and supporting various charitable causes. Tolu recently received an endorsement as a writer with Exceptional talent from the Arts Council England.

Dead Cats Don’t Meow is available on Amazon, Ebay,, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, Roving Heights, OkadaBooks and Patabah.

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