Create your Writing Legacy!

It’s easy to lose focus as a writer in this day and age. There is so much out there cloaked in the veil of activity that could act as distractions to fledging writers to find their creative edge and unique voice.

How does a writer create a writing legacy when besotted with an insatiable quest for validation? A lot of writers today are caricatures because they have not found their own unique voice.

To create your writing legacy, here are a few steps that can help you channel your inner lion.

1.)    Create an Identity: Every writer needs to have an identity. Starting out, you do not have to be the best writer out there, but continually honing your skills will set you on the path to greatness. Forging a unique identity is one way to stand out from the over-saturated field brimming with budding writers.

Tolu’ A. Akinyemi’s upcoming poetry collection scheduled for publication on 01.01.2021.

2.)    Beware of Sound Advice: Not every writing advice is the eureka to writing greatness. The fact that a particular model worked for some writers does not mean every writer has to follow that path. Always remember that our differences make us unique. For some writers, they allow the words to breathe and give it time to form while some are adept at releasing new content without hindrances. Know what works for you and enjoy your journey on your own terms.

3.)    Writing should not be the fall guy for our relentless quest for visibility: In this day and age of social media and the key impact it has on our daily lives. Remember, your writing legacy will not be based on the number of followers you had on social media. It won’t be on the numbers of likes and shares every of your content received on social media. Being disciplined is a sure way to etch your vivid imprints on the sands of time. Life does not begin and end on social media apps. Take a break, breathe, have some fresh air, go on walks, and write. Building an online presence is great, but writing and delivering quality content is a far more enduring legacy.

4.)    Be Passionate: Passion is a vital ingredient to achieve anything of note in life. Ooze passion in your writing journey. Being passionate shows an unending quest for knowledge. Passionate people are hungry for more, and to get better. When stones and bricks are hurled at you, and you’re cloaked in the garment of “not good enough” your hunger to excel as a writer will be the game-changer.

5.)    Create your Magic: Whether it’s in writing books, or building new platforms, to leave a writing legacy, you must be on the hunt to create magic. Stop the excuses, make it work. Yes, you heard me write. Instead of complaining about lack of opportunities, create your own platforms and you will be one step closer to leaving a writing legacy on the sands of time.

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