On a ride with Ijeoma Ucheibe, the lawyer changing the narrative through Africa’s Foremost Literary Hub – The Bagus NG.


Ijeoma Ucheibe is a legal practitioner, HR professional, mediapreneur and curator of The Bagus NG, a literary platform promoting African literature with an informal feel.

When she’s not writing an academic paper or marketing books online, Ijeoma reviews books on the award-winning Classic FM 97.3 #BookOnReview show with Benjamin Okoh every Saturday at 9pm. She also has a #PidginReviews series where she reviews African titles in Nigerian Pidgin English and reads a chapter of her latest reads in the #AijayReads series.

RLN: What led you into the African Literary space, was it your passion for literature or the need to change the status quo? Who were your early influences?

IU: First and most importantly, the passion for African literature. My early influences came from reading books from The African Writers Series and Pacesetters series.

RLN: What has been the major highlight of your involvement in African Literature in the last decade?

IU: Founding and curating literary goodies on The Bagus NG.

RLN: How has your career as a lawyer impacted your love for literature?

IU: It has come in helpful especially with signing contracts. Lol.

RLN: As a lover of literature and a voracious reader, what makes a book appealing to you?

IU: The book cover and then the synopsis.

RLN: Any advice for new authors who are trying to find their feet in the over-saturated literary space?

IU: Be true to yourself. Plus have a wow story for the reader.

Ijeoma reading a book on the award-winning Classic FM 97.3 #BookOnReview show.

RLN: As a media personality and curator who has used her platform to promote African voices, how do you think an Author can best position themselves for visibility using the media as a great partner?

IU: Tolu, this is a trade secret o.

RLN: What makes The Bagus NG different from other similar arts organisations?

IU: The Bagus NG is Africa’s foremost literary hub and we are sold out to promotion of strictly African literature.

RLN: How do you manage your differing engagements, law, media and Arts?

IU: Time management and productivity apps come in handy in this regard.

RLN: How do you think the private sector can get more involved in changing the narrative for African Authors? And how can the government (Nigeria & Other African Countries) support African Arts & Literature to ensure African Authors stand tall in World literature?

IU: We need every kind of support especially in changing the laws on intellectual property to adequately protect and cater to creatives especially authors in Nigeria and the continent.

RLN: Where do you see African Literature in the next decade?

IU: I see it taking over the globe. In every sense of that word.

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