At my Death|Tolu’ A. Akinyemi|Poetry

Do not shed false tears at my death,

do away with your solemnity of hypocrisy.

I came as a lonely stranger to unfamiliar terrains

draped in unbridled innocence.

This body, this spirit, won’t agonize

as my curtains are drawn in this transient life.

Do not immerse my poetic life with incendiary feelings

of grief and sorrow.

This booktiful life will not be gift-wrapped

in the colourations of Anguish: Black.

The tapestry of my life was black and blue,

a tumbled shrub and a rising ocean who rose above the tides

and embraced the vicissitudes without wavering.

I died to failures and my life’s circumference would not yield

to defeat.

I took a punt at life with gratitude

and will embrace death in the knowledge

that writers are immortal; they leave, but live for all seasons.

©️ Tolu’ A. Akinyemi

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