A Miracle & Song of Songs | Samuel Ajani | Poetry

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I’ve seen a golden pheasant, Flying around in its colorful splendor, Spreading its wing With every single feather glowing.

I’ve seen a gazania, In brilliant shades Of orange and yellow, Its pleasant scent, so alluring.

I’ve seen a Bengal tiger, Full of strength and grandeur, Its beauty beyond measure, Holding every man in awe.

Behold, for I’ve seen not one Who glows like you. I’ve found not one Whose splendor is like yours.

I’ve met not one Whose presence I delight in. I’ve heard not a voice Which fills my world with melody!

You are more than magic! More than anything To me, You are a miracle!

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Just like the tides, My emotions flutter. With the melody the wind gives, The tree dances And the birds tweet, My soul merry.

Sing me again the song of hope; The song that inspired love, The song that assures my hearts longevity, Every strand on my skin awaits that song. The song you alone sing best.

The only song I hum to With pleasant moans, A song that is sung Behind our closed doors, That song meant for us.

My body is your instrument And your hands play well. You’re just the perfect instrumentalist Make me hum to every song of yours!

Lets watch our hearts merry, Though our eyes become teary. Our lips entwined, Our waists grinding To produce a beautiful melody. Oh, we owe ourselves this pleasure!


Ajani Samuel Victor popularly known with his pseudonym “fab_du_solvic”, is a writer and poet who hails from the Pace setter state in Nigeria. He currently studies Physiology in the University of Lagos. His poems have been published on various literary websites and social media platforms.

He recently published his first collection of poems which he themed “Gloom and Doom”.

The ebook can be found on the following platforms:

As PDF on Google drive:


As ebook on PabPub


He loves to explore, research and positively affect people’s lives. He also loves to watch and play soccer.

Social media platforms: Instagram: @fab_du_solvic Wattpad: @fab_du_solvic

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