A Roaring Start to a Booktiful Decade

It’s the start of another booktiful decade and I’m super thrilled to witness this new chapter. I entered the New Year the “write way”. The same way I entered the previous year 2019. The past year was a very booktiful one for my writing journey as I didn’t burden myself with the weight of over-expectations. I didn’t have any goals on the number of books to publish or number of words to write in a week so publishing two poetry collections “Dead Cats Don’t Meow – Don’t waste the Ninth Life” and “Never Play Games with the Devil” and writing revised editions for “Dead Lions Don’t Roar” and “Dead Dogs Don’t Bark” means I over-achieved considering I had no clear-cut goals on this front.

Many people enter the New Year the right way with lofty goals and plans which evaporate as the months pass them by. Forget the drumbeats of World War Three and the rhetoric that seems to escalate to a tipping point the fragile peace in a World plagued with countless troubles. If you have written those lofty goals and New Year resolutions, remember you must be resolute to achieve it. It’s not about writing those goals however but working tirelessly to accomplish them. The demands of everyday life are gargantuan, but the onus rests on us to act. Bury the popular mantra “I don’t have enough time”. We must always create time for what truly matters to us.

A poem titled “Resolution” from Tolu’ A. Akinyemi’s poetry collection “Dead Cats Don’t Meow”.

It is vital to have a clear roadmap on your plans for the New Year. Above all, be a go-getter—go all out for your goals, dreams, and vision. Don’t wait for perfect conditions before you kick-start. You have no traditional publisher, try self-publishing. Your complaint is that you have no platform to express your opinion, start a blog, YouTube channel, or Instagram TV, which are all platforms easy to start. Even your WhatsApp status updates can be an avenue to get things started. If you have plans to write, read extensively as if your life depends on it. What worked for me in the past decade was that I am more of a doer than rambling about what I intend to achieve.

This decade is yours to conquer, whether your name will be written on the sands of time or forgotten with the times is a function of your determination to make things happen. Happy New Year once again, and I wish you a booktiful decade.

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