Dead Cats Don’t Meow – Don’t waste the ninth life” to be released in a matter of Weeks.

Tolu’ A. Akinyemi, who is fast becoming renowned for his poetry and was recently named as a writer with exceptional talent by Arts Council England, is about to release his fourth book, the third in his poetry collection.

He has been growing in reputation since the release of his previous books Dead Lions Don’t Roar, Unravel Your Hidden Gems and Dead Dogs Don’t Bark. His latest release, Dead Cats Don’t Meow, will be available in a matter of weeks and is set to be in high demand.

The book release is accompanied by a book tour, made up of four exciting events around the UK and Nigeria. Starting in London on April 4th, Tolu’ will be appearing at The Poetry Café in Covent Garden, performing his new poetry collection.

The tour then moves to the Muson Centre in Lagos Nigeria on April 13th, The Lit& Phil in Newcastle on May 2nd and concludes in The Avenue Library in Manchester on May 9th.

Dead Cats Don’t Meow is a metrical masterpiece, which invokes love and respect for life with every word.

Each poem examines a part of life, a sensation, a reaction or an emotion. Beautifully written… individually, the verses breathe their own beat, whilst the collection knits together perfectly to present an idyllic anthology.

Tolu’ said: “Dead Cats Don’t Meow bears similar ethos to the cantos in my poetry compendiums, for us not to waste the life we have been given.

“It inspires us not to waste the ninth life, to be the very best we can, to love ourselves, to invest and to give as much as we can to those who matter. My books are based on modern day issues and don’t shy away from the nitty-gritty, including mental health, daily struggles and relationships, leaving the readers with a sense of wellbeing and motivation.

“I am delighted to launch Dead Cats Don’t Meow and hope my readers enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!”

A creative thinker and an author extraordinaire, Tolu’ A. Akinyemi shares his gift of writing with people far and wide, mentoring, hosting workshops and performing at private and corporate events across the UK and around the World. Over the last few years the generous author has been using the sales of his book to raise funds for three charities, Age UK Northumberland, Equal Arts and the Chronicle Sunshine Fund.

Dead Cats Don’t Meow will be available to buy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Waterstones, eBay, Roving Heights, Okadabooks, Patabah Books and direct from the author at from April 2019. Tolu’s other three books are also available on all aforementioned channels.

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